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Bozhikov & Vatev was founded in 2020 by lawyers with extensive experience in the field of commercial law and litigation.
The law firm specializes in providing services in the following legal areas:
адвокатска кантора
Bozhikov & Vatev works with clients in the fields of healthcare, finance, hospitality, agriculture and marketing.

The guiding principles of our work

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Timely response.

Professional experience has taught us that timely response is the most important factor in the work of a lawyer. It is essential for us to provide solutions to our clients’ problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. We always put their needs and interests first, as we approach our clients with the understanding that they need a solution to their cases in the immediate present.
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High precision.

Our pursuit of timely response is not at the expense of high quality of the provided services. We perform our work with high precision and professionalism.

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Multiple solutions.

Our mission is to present more than one solution to a legal problem, as well as more than one approach to achieving the ultimate goal set by the client. It is crucial for us that our clients are provided with the opportunity to choose which solution is most suitable for them. We take responsibility for following our clients’ choices and carrying them out carefully, thoroughly, and accurately, respecting the guiding principle of protecting their rights and legal interests.

Practice Areas

Practice Areas – Take a look at the legal fields where our expertise can make the difference for you.

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