Collection of receivables

Bozhikov & Vatev offers legal assistance and protection to its clients in out-of-court and judicial collections of their due receivables.

Out-of-court collection: Starts with an analysis of the legal status of receivables and collateral, goes through the choice of the most appropriate method for the collection of receivables, and ends with the drawing up and sending of invitations to the debtors and keeping in contact with them; or with the drawing up and consulting on contractual schemes for the assignment of receivables, the conducting of negotiations on behalf of clients, as well as all other necessary accompanying activities aimed at collecting receivables before the courtroom.

Judicial collection: Includes initiating the applicable court proceedings (order, claim, interim measures and enforcement) and carrying out procedural representation of the client with the aim of establishing through a final judicial act the client’s claim and obtaining an order for the debtor to pay the client; as well as procedural representation in the compulsory collection of claims within the enforcement process or through insolvency proceedings as a universal method of enforcement.