Dispute resolution

Successfully defending the rights of our clients in litigation and arbitration is our mission, to which we dedicate a significant part of our time and focus. Therefore, Bozhikov & Vatev Law Firm specializes in litigation in civil, commercial and administrative cases, including:

  • Proceedings for settling of commercial disputes

  • Proceedings for the collection of receivables

  • Debenture disputes arising from bond relations: contractual default; unjust enrichment; tort damage

  • Commercial insolvency and stabilization

  • Property disputes: disputes over property and the existence and exercise of limited property rights, as well as judicial divisions, disputes over possession

  • Administrative disputes

  • Tax disputes; appeals against revision acts

  • Administrative penal cases; appeals against penal decrees, property sanctions and fines

  • Labour disputes: representation and protection in dismissal disputes and claims for benefits

  • Representation in arbitration cases

  • Representation in security and enforcement proceedings.